How long to see results from Latisse?

You! Health, 08/02/2012 4:01pm

Who doesn’t want Bette Davis eyes? Long full eyelashes have been at the top of the beauty quest of women for many for decades. Newly approved Latisse, available by prescription only, is a topical ointment which is applied daily to the eyelashes and that has actually been proven to make them longer, fuller and darker. Here’s a brief Latisse review on what to expect…

Results can be seen at 16 weeks. However, Latisse must be applied every day, or eyelash growth will revert to normal in a few weeks to months. The most common side effect is itchy eyes.

If you don’t want a daily prescription product or have sensitive eyes, try eyelash extensions. Los Angeles-based eyelash stylist Sandi Schroder, who works with A-listers, typically applies 60 to 80 lash extensions per eye on her clients with glue and tweezers in a two-hour process that costs about $300 for a full set. The results require touch-ups every two to four weeks. The procedure ca add dimension and length with a natural look she says.

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